Is Pontus a Technology or Agriculture Company?


Both, actually!

Not long ago, nor very far away, my Company, Vancouver-based Green Oasis Foods developed the CEVAS? (Closed Environment Vertical Aquaponics System); arguably the most advanced soil-less organic growth system developed to date. Our main consideration was to build a closed-loop Aquaponics system that ensured there was no way for contaminants to enter the growth chain. The resulting efficiency and product quality, as a result, are quite startling, almost like having a built-in anti-malware program for crop growth.

Good Things Come in Threes

All ?ponic? grow systems have unique benefits and challenges. Still all markedly increase yields and, to varying degrees, lowers the use of power and water. Each also can be set up to be custom complementary systems. Green Oasis? CEVAS? is a hybrid aquaponics system currently being used by Green Oasis and Pontus Water Lentils, the latter owning an exclusive worldwide licence to the technology.

Full disclosure, I am also CTO of Pontus Water Lentils. Ultimately, through an agreement with Amwolf, Pontus plans to obtain a public listing in approximately Q2/2020.

Before that, we plan to crowdfund through FrontFundr for $1.5 million and a like amount in a sponsored Private Placement. We plan to use the initial funds to build a 10,000 square foot grow facility. It might be useful to define the main types of soil-less grow systems.

Let?s Translate the Main Types of ?Ponic?s

Aquaponics: A symbiotic relationship with the system; housing fish producing waste to provide crop nutrients

Hydroponics: Continuous water system, but nutrients are added to the growth media that replaces soil

Aeroponics: is a variation of hydroponics, but instead of using a grow bed filled with media, the plants are instead suspended, with roots facing a sprinkler system connected to the main nutrient reservoir.

The difference between a standard Aquaponics system and CEVAS? is analogous to a Prius versus a Tesla, with the latter having a much more efficient with less impact on the environment. We decided it made sense to start with Water Lentils as the first crop as its grow characteristics and high market price are very attractive.

We are Reinventing Agriculture?

I sincerely believe that our system brings a fundamental and profound change to growing soil-less crops successfully and in greater numbers than other methods. Here are some key points:


  • A combination of the best of both Hydro- and Aquaponics
  • Completely closed-loop system customized by Green Oasis
  • Utilizes state of the art, data-driven analytics
  • Optimize machine learning and artificial intelligence to produce superior and consistent crops
  • Uses 5% of the water of traditional agriculture
  • CO2 captured and recycled
  • Symbiotic air exchange
  • Bio Security systems to remove all possible contaminants from any human interaction
  • Solids filtration
  • Biodigestion; fish waste turned into plant nutrient through aerobic digestion

Pontus, Protein Power+?, Water Lentils, and a Surprise Vitamin Discovery (Vegans Pay Close Attention)

The relevance of Water Lentils? amazing nutrition, vitamins and grow profile particularly exciting.

Vitamin B-12 (cobalamin) is a water-soluble vitamin that plays essential roles in red blood cell formation, cell metabolism, nerve function and the production of DNA. (Mayo Clinic).

It seems a pretty important substance to humanity as a whole. The problem is, until now, Vegans and others with restricted diets had to take supplements or shots to get this life-sustaining vitamin.

A bit over a year ago, a significant amount of vitamin B12 was found in water lentils. Why hadn?t it been known before? Apparently, no one had tested for it in plants as it believed that there are no plants that have it. Third party testing showed that water lentils contain 750% of the US recommended daily value of B12 (per 100 grams of the dried plant).

To wax global about ?feelgood? investing, the ramifications of nourishment derived from Water Lentils for humanity as a whole (Vegans and omnivores alike) are staggering. Our flagship product, Pontus? Protein Power+?, also has 42.1% (11 grams) of protein per 25grams of powder. Whether used in a smoothie or, in the communal soup of a village in the third world, the potential is palpable.

We harvest our Water Lentils every 24 hours as it grows that quickly. The plants are dehydrated and ground into a fine powder. The Rainbow Trout used as in the ?nutrient delivery vehicle? in CEVAS? will be sold as high-quality organic fish for premium market prices.

I believe, as the holder of a global exclusive licence for CEVAS?, a significant revenue stream could well be generated with negotiated sub-licenses. The terms do not restrict Pontus to Water Lentils, although the potential for this initial Superfood appears pretty spectacular.

I look forward to sharing our growth with you either as a contributor on FrontFundr or as a shareholder once Pontus becomes publicly traded. Join our mailing list to be notified of our latest updates. Now that our fundraising campaign is live, you can invest directly online.