Let’s Reinvent Agriculture and Grow Pure Plant Protein Powder Together.

Corporate Profile

Pontus Water Lentils Ltd (TSXV: HULK) makes pure plant based protein powder sourced from nutritious water lentils, farm-grown in Vancouver, BC. Not only does Pontus Protein Powder exceed certified organic standards, but it’s also gluten-free, pure and allergen safe. It’s jam-packed full of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and ALL the essential amino acids. This is not your average lentil, these are water lentils, a crop that can be harvested every 24 hours, in an indoor aquaponic farm that uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture, using leading proprietary CEVAS™ aquaponic agritech technology. This is wonderful news for a planet populated with us hungry and health-conscious humans!

Pontus Protein Powder is designed to be added to enhance the nutrition profile of food and drinks, at home or for food producers. Pontus also has a range of products that benefit from having Pontus Protein Powder at their core. The company will sell its products through retail, wholesale and online channels

Pontus Protein Powder is not only nourishing, but it is also sourced from a sustainable agricultural system.

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Our Story

In 2014 Steve McArthur, Pontus’ CTO, set out to prototype a new aquaponics system that could be built anywhere in the world. He saw the need in places like Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, where food costs were high, and fresh food was scarce. In 2015 he built our first greenhouse to prove the theory that using a vertically growing aquaponics system could minimize the land footprint needed to produce an abundance of food. This prototype went on to sell fresh produce commercially to grocery stores and restaurants in Victoria B.C.. He engaged a diverse group of mechanical, electrical and automation engineers to help develop our closed environment vertical aquaponics systems, which we call CEVAS™.

Pontus’ mission is to provide the world with an environmentally sustainable source of nutrient-rich pure organic plant-based protein. Water Lentils are a super superfood, with the incredible balance of high protein, calcium, iron and micronutrients needed for healthy bodies. By using the CEVAS™ technology, Pontus can grow pure, organic grade protein, harvesting every 24 hours, and using 95% less water.

Why Invest?

We believe the growing market not just for plant-based proteins, but protein that can be grown more sustainably, on a smaller footprint and with less water, is a market we can really address. Vertical farming and plant based foods are both rapidly growing markets. Bloomberg's latest data states by 2030, the global plant based food market is expected to reach $161.9 billion in value. That’s a 355% increase compared to 2021. The global vertical farming market is expected to reach $24.11 billion in value, by 2030, growing at a CAGR rate of 22.9% between 2021 and 2030 (Allied Market Research, 2021).

The key to successful vertical farming is choosing the correct high-value crops. Our Surrey facility has been developed for Water Lentils, a superfood that has over 42% protein including all the essential amino acids, high fibre, high in iron, and is 100% organic and allergen-free. The facility grows and processes the water lentils into a nutritious green powder from its biosecure environment. This powder is then available for direct-to-consumer sale, as a nutraceutical or to be developed into a range of products.

Protein has become an essential macro-nutrient among all types of consumers, including athletes looking for a competitive edge, ageing seniors’ intent on maintaining muscle mass, and busy parents who are opting for meal-replacement bars and shakes. We see a commitment to active living and healthy ageing, and this is driving the protein market in new directions.

We have a clear growth plan to expand into a 20,570 square foot production farm in 2022 to a 60,000 square foot facility in 2023. As the owner of the CEVAS™ technology, we plan to licence the technology and already have interest from Europe and China. Based on our current forecast, we will achieve a positive EBITDA in 2022.

Let’s Reinvent Agriculture and grow Pure Plant Protein Powder together.

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