Our Sustainability

For those who value what they feed their bodies, and what we feed the earth: Pontus is a healthy and responsible solution.

Rapid growth

Water Lentils are virtual “photosynthesis factories”; because the leaves multiply vegetatively each plant doubles its mass every 48 hours in natural sunlight, creating enormous crop yields. Our bio-secure farm reduces that time to just 24 hours.

Minimal waste

Water Lentils are unique in that 100% of the plant is harvested.

Water efficiency

Our water lentils are grown indoors, where 95% of water used is recycled. Our water quality is monitored and controlled with AI technology.

Low energy consumption

AI and machine learning controls energy usage from the grid to ensure only the necessary amount of energy is produced to operate the facility.

Using natural symbiosis

Our Aquaponic System synergistically combines hydroponics (plants grown in water) with aquaculture (fish farming) in a symbiotic environment. Water is recirculated back to the aquaculture system, establishing a closed-loop system. It is 100% organic.

Leaving a smaller carbon footprint

Our Farms use only 5% of the water required for field- based farming and leaves virtually no carbon footprint. Pontus joins the elite group of market disrupters that don’t accept any other business practice other than sustainability.