100% pure plant-based protein.

100% pure plant-based protein made from nutritious Water Lentils grown in Vancouver B.C.


100% Organic

Protein power+ is free from chemicals, genetic modification, pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

Plant-sourced B Vitamins

B Vitamins are found naturally in water lentils making Protein Powder your plant-based solution for getting an essential animal product nutrient, without the animal product.

Allergen Safe

Pontus Protein powder is free from any food allergens (at a level to be of medical concern)

High In Protein And Dietary Fibre

It’s 42.1% pure plant protein. Made from pure dehydrated water lentils, a good source of dietary fibre, with a ratio of soluble to insoluble dietary fibre of 20:80.

Near To Zero Carbon Footprint

Grown in a network of bio-secure indoor aquaponics farms that reduce water consumption by 95%

Goes Equally with Hot And Cold Food

It has a light, sweet taste that can be mixed with hot or cold food and drinks, any time of the day.

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