Pontus Protein Power+™ : A smart plant-based protein alternative

Pontus harvests its Water Lentil crops every 16 hours. The harvest is then dehydrated and meticulously finely ground and processed into a pure plant protein powder we call Pontus Protein Power+™. Then, before leaving the bio-secure farm it is carefully sealed for shipment to our customers.

High in protein

Pontus Protein Power+™ is 42.1% pure plant protein and has more essential amino acids than both pea and soy.

Nutrient rich

Pontus Protein Power+™ is high in antioxidants, as well as essential minerals and vitamins including: Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, and Folate. It also contains B-Carotene, Polyphenols, Chlorophyll, Lutein, Tocopherols, and more.

100% organic

Our Pontus Protein Power+™ protein powder is non-GMO and contains no solvents, chemicals, antibiotics, or other contaminants such as Glyphosate.

Vegan & allergen-safe

Pontus Protein Power+™ does not contain any food allergens at a level to be of Medical concern. The product is also vegan.

Contains Omega fatty acids

Our Pontus Protein Power+™ is 31% branch chain amino acids and contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids with a ratio of 4:1 .

Easily digested

Pontus Protein Power+™ is an easily digestible protein and a good source of dietary fibre, with a ratio of soluble to insoluble dietary fibre of 20:80 and is very low in Oxalic Acid.

Organic and bio-secure

Pontus is committed to eliminating the damaging chemicals and toxins found in most competitive plant-based protein supplements.  We are a step ahead in this process because our plants are grown in fully enclosed bio-secure farms using equipment and procedures.  No solvents, chemicals, dyes, additives, preservatives or pesticides are used in any part of our growing or processing.