What are the five signs you may be missing Vitamin B12?


How’s your balance? Vitamin B12 is needed in your nerves, and it can affect your legs and the way you walk. A lack of vitamin B12 in your diet could affect your balance and even make you prone to falling. 

Strange Sensations? Do you have numbness, tingling in your hands or feet? Pins and needles can be a sign that you are lacking vitamin B12. B12 is needed to make the myelin sheath that goes around your nerves, and a lack of Vitamin B12 can be the cause of the strange sensations. 

Inflamed Tongue? Stick your tongue out, go on. Stanford Medicine says, “a B12 deficiency could make your tongue sore and beefy red in colour. Glossitis, causes swelling of the tongue, and may make the tongue appear smooth.” Your inflamed tongue may make it difficult to speak or eat. 

Fatigue? Vitamin B12 is needed for red blood cells. A lack of Vitamin B12 can mean you have fewer red blood cells than normal or less haemoglobin in each red blood cell. Heamoglobin is the molecule that carries oxygen around your body. With less oxygen going around your body, you may feel a lack of energy, even breathlessness, feeling faint or headaches. 

Difficulty sleeping? Recent research by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health has shown a benefit for people with sleep disorders by taking vitamin B12. 

Severe vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to deep depression, paranoia and delusions, memory loss and loss of taste, according to Harvard Health. All of which relate to the critical role Vitamin B12 plays in your nerves. Low levels of B12 could cause damage to your brain tissues and cause mood changes, too. 

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin, which means you need to eat it, your body cannot make it. Vitamin B12 is required to keep your body’s nerve and red blood cells healthy, and it helps to make DNA in your cells.  

B12 is found naturally in many animal-based foods. But what if you are a vegetarian or vegan? Not getting enough vitamin B12 in your diet is one of the main causes of vitamin B12 deficiency. If you have a severe B12 deficiency, then you may get regular vitamin B12 injections or high dose tablets. Milder deficiencies might be treated with B12 tablets. But if you are looking at what to eat so that you can increase B12 in your diet, you could eat food rich in beef liver, salmon, clams, milk and yoghurt.  

But this isn’t an option for most vegetarians and vegans. In this case, you could eat fortified cereals, or if you prefer less processed foods, Water Lentils is quite unique in the plant world, as it is a pure plant source of Vitamin B12. If you are looking to buy local, as most people are nowadays and are in Canada, the only Canadian producer is Pontus Water Lentils